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In this era of turbulence, it's rare to find companies with long tradition, with even more rare connection with a stable and strong family relationships. "Kodzic" company has established a tradition that proves the opposite...


The 95-year-old tradition was created by mutual work with materials of the best quality, such as leather and fur of all shades and colors, and also by eternal searching for innovations and keeping in touch with customer's current trends and wishes.

The beginning of our journey dates back to 1920's when the first "Kodzic" craft shop was founded. Sixty years later, "Kodzic" LLC was born, and in 90's it experiences a great expansion with over 100 staff members.

The acknowledgements for quality and competitiveness of great importance represent our flawless victory that we achieved by winning on tenders for leather fashion jackets and bags issued by ministries, army, inspections and other public enterprises.

Your satisfied faces are the ones that make our effort worthwhile and they are the reason why we offer you, besides over 100 models, a total freedom to design your own and to choose the color - our mission is to make it happen and tailorize it depending on your wishes!